Milan v Pescara Post-Match Comments [Dec 16 2012]

Some context:

Counting today’s loss Pescara have lost their last 6 away matches conceding 17 goals in that period. Pescara have never won at the San Siro in a top-flight match. Milan after today won their 4th consecutive league match – their longest streak of the season.


Milan were left-dependent in their build-up play again today, much like they did for most of last season.  This follows with their trend of playing more heavily on the left-flank than the right flank for home matches.

milpescaraattackside Milan v Pescara Post Match Comments

Attack Directions, Milan left, Pescara right

When playing away, Milan tend to use the right flank even more, which also corresponds with many of Emanuelson’s shifts to the right wing, where he will be tasked with crossing in balls and in charge of the buildup play.

Touches Home Milan v Pescara Post Match Comments

Milan Attack Buildup (Away)

Touches Away Milan v Pescara Post Match Comments

Milan Attack Buildup (Home)

Against Pescara, Milan put in a goal in the first minute, one created from balanced build-up play, smart moves in the final third, and incisive passing and movement. And then there were 44 minutes of terrible play to back that up. The first half ended as Pescara managed to kill the tempo of the match.

Partially as a response, Pescara attacked down their own left side, where Milan were paying less attention, especially positionally, as Pescara had most of their players on the left half of the field.

Screen Shot 2012 12 17 at 11.05.37 AM Milan v Pescara Post Match Comments

Milan v Pescara Positioning – Milan left, Pescara right

Overall, like the previous matches, individual errors decided the match. Two own goals from Pescara confirmed why they’re the at-large candidates for relegation. As positively as Milan played for stretches, they were just as poor for even more time. This is not quality opposition, and Milan benefit from a mediocre performance, and a large bit of luck. The streak of 4 wins is excellent though, and it’s up to B&G to top off this squad in January (which seems to be in the works) in order to get them competing for third place (6 points away).

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