Pippo Inzaghi’s Coaching Thesis – as translated by Steve Amoia

We here at DAIDAIDAI have been immense fans of Mister Pippo Inzaghi since his playing days. Our good friend Steve Amoia has done the community an excellent service and translated important selections from Inzaghi’s 60-page coaching thesis for the Coverciano course. Inzaghi’s insight is exactly what you would expect from a player who’s been described by many as “lucky” and “persistent” but the mentality he speaks about is one that should he be able to transmit to his players – would make them into more confident human beings both on and off the pitch. Below is the opening selection of the piece followed by a link to Steve’s site where you can read his full review.

Part 1: Theory, Experience and Philosophies

1.1 Pedagogical characteristics of a successful manager

“A coach must:

Know:  Have culture, knowledge of limits, sense and scope of activities that he undertakes.

Know how to do:  He’ll know how to translate knowledge and culture into practice.

Know how to give: In all environments of interpersonal human relations, in an exchange of information, in the ability to transmit and the essential capacity of ‘knowing how to give attention’ and ‘knowing how to be in the moment.’

Value: To have personality and values to transmit. The manager is an example for the entire team and coaching staff. And above all, he’ll be able to influence, in a special way, behavior.

Find the full text HERE


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  1. RossoneriFido on March 8, 2014 at 9:13 AM said:

    Will be looking forward to reading your review soon.
    Thanks a lot Steve.

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