Milan v Livorno Post-Match Comments

Not a good precedent, but if you undermine the previous manager, and make changes calling them tactics… then you get a new manager.. and one who played in the great years here, and then change his lineups, there’s a lot more going on than what’s being said.  Because then, it’s not entirely about winning and losing, because if it was, Clarence Seedorf wouldn’t be in jeopardy. How many clubs would reportedly have their manager near the chopping block after five straight? Milan, that’s who.

 Rather than allude to who is behind this, let’s come out and say it: Adriano Galliani, who still seems reluctant to let go of his #TeamPippo T-shirt even though the gold color looks shitty on a T-shirt let alone a third kit (on a tie – not so much).  Obviously this blog is a fan of Inzaghi, but certainly not at the expense of Seedorf, which is where Galliani is running into problems.

While Silvio, Barbara, and their good friend Squinzi at Sassuolo were finishing off Allegri (Silvio being the one to constantly undermine Max), while Galliani protected Max as a wolf does her cubs – this time it’s Galliani sharpening the knife, even reportedly asking about Montella’s contract for €7m, at a time when Milan are considering spending that money on Rami.

Which brings us to Rami. Good player? Very much so, on this Milan side he’s probably the best defender (this speaks to the non quality more than his abilities, unfortunately) but not by much. Let’’s call him a 6.5 and he’s got potential to get up to a 7. 10 year’s ago that’d give him a sniff of the bench of a Milan side. But in today’s world, Rami is one of the better CB options in a window that one of the biggest names moving is Vidic on a free transfer to Inter.

I’ve been reading Soccernomics of late, and with that perspective comes a few thoughts:

1. The market for CBs is scarce, there aren’t many quality players for sale

2. €7m is a fair and reasonable fee

3. If Milan don’t take Rami, Valencia would still try to offload him, and someone else would for a discount price (like say the price Milan would pay).

So why aren’t Milan buying Rami and turning him around to Manchester United? Why not Tottenham? Call it a high-frequency trade of the football world. You know what the value is, come in and undercut it, and then turn it around right away.  Do you think Verona are going to keep Iturbe after they redeem him? He’ll most likely be sold to whoever is willing to bid the most, netting Verona a profit on the €15m they’d spend on paying the loan-clause. Will Milan do this easy business? Hard to say, Adriano is a bit off the rails of late.

Galliani is discussing Montella’s buyout clause, and trying to knock down the price on Rami like he did with Taarabt, he’s also trying to find a manager who… well, won’t piss him off.

Managers do far more than just manage the results on the pitch, they represent the clubs off the pitch, are ambassadors to the brand, and in some specific cases, can even can just be about saying the right cliches and looking the part. Clarence hasn’t failed on the pitch, but Galliani thinks he’s mismanaging things off the pitch.

Seedorf isn’t just sitting and playing nicely, a week in saying ¾ of the squad needed to go (who is that an inditement of? The guy who assembled the squad, Galliani), complaining about his predecessor Max Allegri (a favorite of Galliani), while making enemies of some of the previously important regime of players under Allegri. Captain Montolivo (the shine of that title has worn off) among others is suspected to be one of the leaks from the dressing room (Abate is also reportedly incensed after believing Seedorf cost him the World Cup) and it’s rumored he’s not a fan of Seedorf either. In short, by trying to clear out the old regime, Seedorf is meeting greater resistance than even he thought he was going to.

For one, Silvio Berlusconi’s net worth has improved 3.5 billion over the last two years to a personal fortune of $9 billion. On the Forbes site, “Net Worth Over Time” on the right side of the page shows a rise of $6.2B, meaning on a longer scale his worth is increasing.  Silvio’s personal fortune is going up, but his investment in the club is going down and all the while he’s bemoaning the reasons he isn’t what he once was to the rules of the game,  the times we live in, even trying to empathize with the Italian people’s plagues and not wanting to spend out of solidarity for their financial aches.

What you believe should be done from here; whether or not you believe what he’s doing now is hurting the club, Silvio has earned the right to do it. Just like the fans have the right to complain about it, which is what you’re starting to hear whispers of. Pushing Max Allegri out of the club is one thing, but giving a playing legend 3 months, a broken squad with some free transfers and 6 days of a transfer window isn’t exactly comparable.

The on-pitch is all Seedorf says he will worry about, they’re focused on the results. Roma next, Inter after and Seedorf will probably be expected to get a result against Inter for his “job”. Ridiculous, really, but this is AC Milan in today’s era. Entertaining as always.


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4 Thoughts on “Milan v Livorno Post-Match Comments

  1. sensacion7 on April 21, 2014 at 10:36 AM said:

    I strongly believe Galliani will be forced to resign eventually. Barbara will undermine his summer mercato and continue the friction between the two causing his resignation. Just my opinion.

  2. This entire post reeks of Mesbah regret.

  3. Jo4Milan on April 22, 2014 at 9:46 AM said:

    t this is AC Milan in today’s era. Entertaining as always.
    I’m sorry Pete but there is NOTHING Entertaining about Milan management’s disgraceful running the club. Galliani is an old dog that needs to be put down! Its as simple as that and if Silvio is no longer interested let him sell the damn club and let us fans have some respite.

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