Late-Season Limbo

Just because you’re a great construction worker doesn’t mean you’d be a good architect. Sorry, Pippo; it just didn’t work out. And this isn’t me being flippant, it really does sadden me to see the situation of Milan. Inzaghi has aged ten years but to be fair he got rid of Muntari. I’m too excited to wait any longer to say that, what terrific news. Mounter (Muntari’s autocorrect title) captained Milan this season. Mexes captained Milan this season. Clearly some questionable decisions are made in that respect, but I understand the desire to avoid Montolivo. Can someone tell him he’s not in the future plans? He probably wouldn’t ask to be left out. But why get upset when this is best for everyone. So he did it in a shitty, unprofessional way – he was a shitty, unprofessional player, so it kind of evens out.

This is what qualifies as happiness to the modern Milan fan, but hey, I’ll take it. Getting rid of Robinho, Mexes, Essien, Muntari is about as good as it gets. I’m confident we will have a “grazie presidente” moment in the 25th hour to retain Daniele Bonera, which – duh.

But the bigger roller coaster at the amusement park has to be the Silvio Express, and who the hell knows who is riding that. China seems the destination, and this month should be decisive in the developments with a Milan sale. But rather than look ahead and bask in the happiness that is pure unbridled speculation, I’m still sort of stuck with this 10 game spread where Milan have absolutely no relevance in the world. 8 points and better competitors between them and Europe, and even Pippo’s blind optimism seems to concede the goal is out of reach. So that leaves Milan in a whole lot of awkward, with Muntari being the first one to ask his parents to pick him up from the slumber party.

Silvio finds himself in an interesting position now. He’s going to sell. He’s going to sell the majority at some point. Now it’s just a matter of when. But just like you’d expect from Italy’s favorite megalomaniac, he’s going to make this a public-private matter. He’ll allegedly say he’s sold the club, then have friends close to him walk it back. The will-he-wont-he isn’t about “will the manager be sacked” anymore, but “will the whole house be sacked?”.  Galliani out? Silvio out? Barbara with what role? Inzaghi even in his most optimistic dreams can’t think he’s coming back. But that smell is the smell right before it rains, and it’s going to rain.

Which is why again, why this 10 game stretch feels so bizarre. Wouldn’t it be the perfect time to play some youngsters? They’d have to concede this season is over (which is obviously is) and Milan don’t really do that. So instead Milan drudge on, a couple breaking up for college who still are going to prom together. Ten more match days to finish dismantling the positive feeling Pippo Inzaghi once gave us, hoping for better days ahead.


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One Thought on “Late-Season Limbo

  1. RossoneriFido on April 5, 2015 at 8:17 AM said:

    Thanks Pete

    Of course we are all happy about both Muntari leaving and finally Berlusconi selling news.
    But with regards to your play the youngsters point that’s not gonna happen with Milan not now not ever I am afraid. They probably are targeting a top 8 position so that they do not play Coppa Italia playoffs and not to forget Pippo who absolutely has no faith whatsoever in the youth.

    Forza Milan

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