Milan v Empoli Post-Match Comments

New Season! Same shit. I’ve been gone a while, and a lot of what I’ve been trying to do is contextualize just how bad. There’s not an answer yet to the extent of the damage, but the scars are clearly visible on Mijalovic’s side.

The first issue this side is facing is that there is no movement. When there is movement, it’s Bacca or Adriano splitting the fullbacks and center backs. That was good for the one goal, but fell flat when extended to 90 minutes.

Part of the blame for the lack of service to the front two lies in Suso and later Bonaventura. Suso is young, and getting on him for this performance serves no good, if you want young players to develop you deal with growing pains. Honda didn’t even warm up today, and I’m sure that wasn’t a coincidence.

Passing is poor. That’s fairly obvious, but even Empoli were playing out of the back and with more intricate patterns than Milan. Beyond statistics here, just look at the complexity of the movements, the pacing of the play and the ability to drive forward with direction. It’s slightly better than it was, but Bertolacci and Bonaventura are just better players than Muntari, Essien or Montolivo.

But trust is what builds good passing, and with movement not being in the equation, it’s obvious that the passing looks like what it has this season. Silvio Berlusconi wanted a low cost option. Or Galliani wanted another kickback from his buddy Preziosi. Or the man has vertigo and thinks he’s running Genoa.

Either way the best case scenario seems to be Axel Witsel, which isn’t really a best case scenario. He doesn’t solve the problem any more than a speed boat helps someone trying to buy a house. This midfield is still miles away from being fixed, and if the engine room isn’t working then it’s going to look like what you saw today.

If you’re Bee Taechaubol and you’re trying to boost the value of the club you’ve been trying to buy a stake in for 480m, do you really wait until just after the market closes to buy in? With no assurances also. Since there’s not a penalty to pull out, and there’s no money so far, and he’s not coming until after the window….. he’s losing potential value by closing when he is, and not to mention, none of this deal makes any sense.

Which brings me to the Curva Sud – and I hate it when I agree with them. I feel dirty, like I need to take a moral shower. But they’re right about Galliani. They’re right about the lack of a scouting department. How it’s been outsourced to agents with agendas, and deals done with the logical coherence of paint splatter.

Football brains are short-term thinkers – Galliani knows that. It’s why he’s always reminding you of the distant past. But in a “what have you done for me lately” frame, the late window move has always been his specialty. But like windows past, he’s not done enough to reinforce the team that the late window “gift” wouldn’t be seen less like a house to live in and more like a luxury boat. Because when you look at Witsel and say “you’re supposed to fix this” you put an undo burden on a player that shouldn’t have that responsibility. That responsibility falls on Galliani, the architect of this team, because he MADE HIMSELF THAT. He removed all roadblocks – and by roadblocks I mean, a scouting network, a director of sport, and any real involvement of Paolo Maldini, unless of course he’s willing to coach the first team right away without financial backing. But he’s seen the same things we’ve seen, and he’s staying on the outside for now.

Mijalovic has his work cut out for him though, reinforcements or not, but top three for this side looks like a pipe dream, unless of course, Bee’s 480m hit just in time for the winter market. Hold your breath and let’s see who passes out.


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2 Thoughts on “Milan v Empoli Post-Match Comments

  1. Abdulrahman on August 29, 2015 at 11:42 PM said:

    Isco and a good right back would solve most of our problems, don’t you think?

  2. RossoneriFido on August 30, 2015 at 1:33 AM said:

    Definitely things are not looking good.
    It seems that the players are not following Miha’s tactics. AlthoughI hold him responsible because of his squad selection. Suso is still not ready as you have mentioned and he was playing all by himself.
    Our left flank was trying to make some movements through Antonelli but he had Nocerino to back him up which made his job very difficult. On the right side there is nothing to say that again De Sciglio is a no show. He delivers nothing defensively nor offensively.
    Which in my opinion why Bertolacci seemed lost.
    I don’t know how Miha will resolve this regardless of the signing of a new midfielder. With Inter next things are not looking well for Milan.
    Finally thanks Pete and Forza Milan.

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