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What a Trip into Milan’s Past Tells Us About the Club’s Future



I grew up in Padova, a city close to Venice and a 3 hour drive to Milano. Despite fact about 240 kilometers separate the two cities, there are strong ties between Padova and Milan the football club. Recently El Shaarawy joined the rossoneri after becoming one of Italy’s best prospects at Padova, and before becoming a world class midfielder at Milan, Albertini, also played for Padova. But the ties between Milan and Padova start in the 1960s-  the first coach to win a Champions League for Milan (back when it was called Coppa dei Campioni), Nereo Rocco, also arrived from Padova. I recently went back to Padova on vacation and had many Milan related experiences I wanted to share with you. I do believe these stories offer great insight on what is currently wrong at Milan, and more importantly, what needs to happen for the club to return to glory…

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Crisis in Milan

Gino DeBlasio speaks on Milan’s current predicament:

The Italians love the word crisis. Crisi as the natives would say, is an overused word at the best of time. But for this Milan team, time and time again that word has been resplendently usurped by rimmonto (revival). Yes, Milan, last year revived their European hopes, albeit in the most congruous of circumstances.

Take this year, eleven points in twelve games, crisi without rimmonto is looking like an inevitability. You, and I, are left pointing the finger, accusing the club and asking, where did it all go wrong? If you’re looking for a clear definitive answer, I’m sorry, you’re going to be left asking more questions than getting answers.

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