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The Montolivo Piece

This is the third draft of this piece. The first one was called “Montolivo: The Wrong Choice” but that sounded a bit strong. So I deleted it, started again, and came up with Montolivo 2.0, “How Could This Happen?” but by the time I reached the third paragraph “how could this happen” had been answered; scrap it. The third time I think I have the tone right. But let’s just go ahead and air some things out right away so you can decide if this is going to be something you skip to the comments and start trashing now, or if you’ll wait until the end to do so.

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Pippo Inzaghi’s Coaching Thesis – as translated by Steve Amoia

We here at DAIDAIDAI have been immense fans of Mister Pippo Inzaghi since his playing days. Our good friend Steve Amoia has done the community an excellent service and translated important selections from Inzaghi’s 60-page coaching thesis for the Coverciano course. Inzaghi’s insight is exactly what you would expect from a player who’s been described by many as “lucky” and “persistent” but the mentality he speaks about is one that should he be able to transmit to his players – would make them into more confident human beings both on and off the pitch. Below is the opening selection of the piece followed by a link to Steve’s site where you can read his full review.

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Ricardo Kaka – Filling the Gap

The prodigal son finally returns. Kaká’s arrival was confirmed in the morning of September 2nd, his transfer finally successful after attempts in each of the previous three transfer windows. This transfer has been praised and panned alike, and although it’s impossible to say how Kaká’s return leg will go at Milan, it is fairly certain that the two extreme points of view are inevitably wrong.

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Ilkay Gündogan – A Champions League Final Analysis

While Mario Götze and Robert Lewandowski were the most vital pieces in Dortmund’s Champions League final run, they most likely played their final matches in a Dortmund shirt. Luckily for Borussia Dortmund, they have another rising star who if they manage to keep hold of this summer: Ilkay Gündogan, who is not only the metronome of the midfield, but also the driving force in attack and often his side’s best defensive option in midfield. Gündogan didn’t have his most effective game of the season against Bayern, but he was his side’s most impressive outfield player alongside Marco Reus.

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Player Profile: Urby Emanuelson

Urby Emanuelson departs Milan for Fulham having made 19 appearances (5 as a substitute) in all competitions. Emanuelson has 2 goals and 3 assists this season, however, he has been unable to lock down a starting position as well as any position in general, as he has once again been Milan’s utility man.


Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 9.01.00 AM

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