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Milan v Lazio Post-Match Comments

Milan faced a huge third place match against Lazio at home. Lazio came in with fairly poor away form into the San Siro of hot or cold – where no side has drawn away against Milan this season. This match was realistically over in the 16th minute, when the outcome was determined. Same story, different day: tough for one player to win a match, but easy for one player to lose a match. Today’s example, Antonio Candreva.

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Inter v Milan Post-Match Comments

Milan earned a draw against Inter Milan, but like the first leg of their tie, Milan will have felt they deserved more after dominating large portions of the match. They come out of the two ties with Inter having accumulated a solitary point, which is a point more than they earned against Inter in two matches last season.

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Milan v Barcelona Post-Match Comments

Milan met Barcelona on Wednesday with the same formation that Barcelona have mastered, a 4-3-3. This was the Rossoneri’s most used formation throughout the season so far (not to mention their most successful) however, the formation required significant tweaking from manager Max Allegri, who was more than up to the task.

What was it that made Milan successful and Barcelona unsuccessful? Defense, really. Barcelona’s was sloppy and they made several individual errors at the back, whereas Milan were more organized than they’ve been at any other point under Allegri’s reign, and were clinical with their finishing.

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Milan v Parma Post-Match Comments

Another day, another underwhelming performance from Milan. That being said, the result is what counts in football, and Milan have continued to get the results. As mentioned on many occasions, Milan again today were lucky as opposed to good.


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Cagliari v Milan Post-Match Comments – Milan Strategy Revealed



Premise- Milan concede frequently via the dead-ball situation.

Typical Solution – Foul less.

The Milan Approach:  “Alright boys, we’re conceding from set-pieces and headers. In fact, the statistics are borderline embarrassing. We need a plan to fix this.”

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Post-Match Comments – Atalanta v Milan

Left Flank/ SES:


Building down the right side is conducive to El Shaarawy. In addition to the shift over from a squad based around Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the side with “no focal points”, Milan’s buildup direction has seen El Shaarawy flourish. In fact, in the matches in which SES has scored this season (14 different fixtures for Milan) the squad has averaged 35% of their attacks coming from the right flank of the field.

Buildup play - Atalanta left, Milan right

Buildup play – Atalanta left, Milan right


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Milan v Bologna Post-Match Comments

Giampolo Pazzini is quite the enigma. He plays terribly for 85 minutes in a match, and then summons the potential to do the one thing he successfully does on a football pitch – score. 5 goals in 2 matches against Bologna this season, Pazzini has found his favorite target. While he is flying high on the fumes of this victory, in reality, Pazzini still is yet to fully convince at Milan. For that reason, manager Max Allegri is still fending off transfer talk that Pazzini will leave, while new rumors pop up every week. It’s not even because Pazzini is that poor, (although he is poor – remove the 5 goals against Bologna, and the 2 other penalties he’s scored vs. other sides, and Pazzini has scored 4 other goals this season, one of which was in the Coppa Italia), it’s because he’s not of the class that his fore bearers have been. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is slightly more imposing of a player. Many would even consider Mario Ballotelli more formidable, and with Adriano Galliani declaring interest as soon as City’s price drops (which it may not), Pazzini came out extra motivated to perform. While most strikers would give an all-around performance, Giampolo gave a one-dimensional performance (that accomplished the goal – it should be noted) that left his critics with just as much ammunition as they had going into the match, and his supporters claiming his successes as a player.  For me, the truth is somewhere in the middle, but while at first the Cassano Pazzini swap looked like the worst piece of business in years, Cassano’s slow burn at Inter is seeing this deal yield some positive results for the Rossoneri. €7m is still much to add to the deal, but it’s clear that Cassano is on the downswing, while Pazzini isn’t at that point in his career yet.

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Sampdoria v Milan Post-Match Comments [Jan 13 2013]

Sunday’s match day saw Milan travel to Genoa to play a team that had already taken 3 points at San Siro from them in Matchday 1: Sampdoria. Samp had just turned the corner on their three game losing streak by drawing Juventus, and it seemed that Milan took extra care going forward for that reason.

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