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Market Assessment – How YOU Doin?

What I Like:

1. The Bonucci Signing – Zvonproir Boban critiqued Milan’s transfer window just after halfway through the window with the comment, “They’ve signed good players, but no one world-class.” Fair point. Not after the Bonucci signing, though. It seems the club agreed, as someone was able to expel Montolivo from the halls of Rohan and return the King to his former glory.

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Don’t You Wish This Was About Montoleader?

I’ve been waiting for the right time to pop up with some new writing, and I think we’ve found the right occasion. Every time I was going to talk about how pleased I was with a transfer, or a potential exit (Montoleader) – something paused me. It’s an incomplete picture, this Milan side, and it didn’t seem prudent of me to hop in and speculate midway through the project.

What would I say? It’s going well. I like the signings? You’ve read this dozens of other places. There’s no new insight. I don’t have anything you would take away from reading this that you couldn’t surmise on your own, or have someone spoon feed you on the latest “how the tactics shift” piece with each new arrival. That being said, who doesn’t read those?

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AC Milan Sold to Yonghang Li – First Impressions

Here we are. To be honest there was more than a moment of doubt, and before we all jump for joy, let’s contextualize what happened here. Silvio Berlusconi’s holding company Fininvest sold just over 99% of the shares of AC Milan to a holding company headed by Yonghang Li, a Chinese billionaire. Deliberately, this has been a clouded process, and staring through the murk has yielded more frustration than answers, with this consortium changing pieces over the past two years. You can find the how and the specifics in many places, and that’s not really why anyone reads me.

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