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Champions League Special: Allegri v Barcelona 2-0 @ San Siro

Here’s the 2013 recap of when AC Milan met Barcelona at San Siro with Max Allegri as manager. The second leg saw a massive collapse in which Milan were overturned, but the first leg stands today as one of Max Allegri’s finest tactical achievements as Milan manager. 

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Dai Dai Dai: An Existential Cleansing

I know management never ends well, but does sacking a manager usually feel this way? Allegri’s tenure at Milan has been aging into a senile old man that just yells at the television camera and gets confused when there are too many things going on in the room at one time. He came in this young coach, untested yes, but with a fair bit of optimism. Maybe it was just the Zlatan talking and Allegri was more than happy to ride the wave, but come January/February the first problems appeared. Young coach, he’ll figure it out, he got the benefit of the doubt. He erred again, and again, and let’s be honest many times in many arenas.

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Allegri’s Anthem

When Max Allegri heard about this new site flying his famous catchphrase on its banner, the magnanimous Milan manager reached out to us with a hot exclusive sure to attract new readers.

Turns out, with speculation about his job flying earlier this year and most likely more to come at the end, S. Allegri has had to have backup plans ready.

Medieval Count is no longer a lucrative option so should he finally get the sack, it seems Max intends to focus on his second love: music.

And so in honor of the new site (and, of course, to interest any talent agents out there) we are proud to present Max Allegri’s very first single! Enjoy!

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