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Market Assessment – How YOU Doin?

What I Like:

1. The Bonucci Signing – Zvonproir Boban critiqued Milan’s transfer window just after halfway through the window with the comment, “They’ve signed good players, but no one world-class.” Fair point. Not after the Bonucci signing, though. It seems the club agreed, as someone was able to expel Montolivo from the halls of Rohan and return the King to his former glory.

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AC Milan Sold to Yonghang Li – First Impressions

Here we are. To be honest there was more than a moment of doubt, and before we all jump for joy, let’s contextualize what happened here. Silvio Berlusconi’s holding company Fininvest sold just over 99% of the shares of AC Milan to a holding company headed by Yonghang Li, a Chinese billionaire. Deliberately, this has been a clouded process, and staring through the murk has yielded more frustration than answers, with this consortium changing pieces over the past two years. You can find the how and the specifics in many places, and that’s not really why anyone reads me.

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Winter in Milan

I used to write about tactics. It started a few years back: how the game unfolded to me was important. Making sense of the constant motion, the unstated technique of being in the right place at the right time, and appreciating how breakdowns in that structure affected the whole seemed like the most productive use of my time. It wasn’t like we were witnessing the third rebirth of Bilsa here, this was just Allegri juggling around a 4-3-3 into a 4-3-1-2 while finding creative uses for Urby Emanuelson and giving Kevin-Prince Boateng all the confidence he needed to dupe Schalke into thinking he was a 9.

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Stadio Berlusconi – Why Silvio Berlusconi is Done with Milan

If you’ve taken a psychology class, you’ve most likely seen the above video. In it, a gorilla walks in, waves, and leaves. But since the video asked you to perform a tangental task (how many times players wearing white pass the ball), you’re not supposed to notice the gorilla. It doesn’t work with everyone, especially those who know it’s coming, but to the uninitiated mind, this genuinely can be mind blowing.

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Sampdoria v Milan Post-Match Comments

The Seedorf era has unequivocally begun at Milan, and the performance against Sampdoria confirmed this. Seedorf changed 9 players from the Starting XI midweek, but for the first time in many seasons, despite the rotated squad, the replacements had the same ideas and approach that the midweek side did. Put another way, they had a shared goal, an underlying philosophy, and they’ve taken steps forward towards making that into their method of play.

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Milan v Atletico Post-Match Comments

I’m not going to recap the match today, it was a fairly straightforward affair which exposed Milan’s shortcomings while also showing the progress made by Seedorf in several areas.

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Dai Dai Dai: An Existential Cleansing

I know management never ends well, but does sacking a manager usually feel this way? Allegri’s tenure at Milan has been aging into a senile old man that just yells at the television camera and gets confused when there are too many things going on in the room at one time. He came in this young coach, untested yes, but with a fair bit of optimism. Maybe it was just the Zlatan talking and Allegri was more than happy to ride the wave, but come January/February the first problems appeared. Young coach, he’ll figure it out, he got the benefit of the doubt. He erred again, and again, and let’s be honest many times in many arenas.

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Milan v Barcelona Post-Match Comments

Milan met Barcelona on Wednesday with the same formation that Barcelona have mastered, a 4-3-3. This was the Rossoneri’s most used formation throughout the season so far (not to mention their most successful) however, the formation required significant tweaking from manager Max Allegri, who was more than up to the task.

What was it that made Milan successful and Barcelona unsuccessful? Defense, really. Barcelona’s was sloppy and they made several individual errors at the back, whereas Milan were more organized than they’ve been at any other point under Allegri’s reign, and were clinical with their finishing.

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