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Market Assessment – How YOU Doin?

What I Like:

1. The Bonucci Signing – Zvonproir Boban critiqued Milan’s transfer window just after halfway through the window with the comment, “They’ve signed good players, but no one world-class.” Fair point. Not after the Bonucci signing, though. It seems the club agreed, as someone was able to expel Montolivo from the halls of Rohan and return the King to his former glory.

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Milan v Lazio Post-Match Comments

Milan faced a huge third place match against Lazio at home. Lazio came in with fairly poor away form into the San Siro of hot or cold – where no side has drawn away against Milan this season. This match was realistically over in the 16th minute, when the outcome was determined. Same story, different day: tough for one player to win a match, but easy for one player to lose a match. Today’s example, Antonio Candreva.

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