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Milan v Inter Post-Match Comments

Mazzarri didn’t want to give anything away in his press conference. He wouldn’t give a probable lineup, in part he says, because Seedorf didn’t give anything away the day before.  But Seedorf did give out some information, and it actually turned out to be a key piece – Andrea Poli was looking likely to start.

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Genoa v Milan Post-Match Comments

Disclaimer: I only saw the second half of Genoa v Milan. As such, I’d like to discuss one of Seedorf’s tactical ideas, and that’s the functionality of the front three midfielders: Taarabt, Kaka and Honda. Multiple competitions and limited fitness coupled with typical Milan injury policy have forced rotations, but it seems fairly clear that this is Seedorf’s preferred trio. The only regular break of those is Andrea Poli, who offers the side a more balanced look, and many of the better performances have not coincidentally included Poli in the midfield 5 in some role.

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Crisis in Milan

Gino DeBlasio speaks on Milan’s current predicament:

The Italians love the word crisis. Crisi as the natives would say, is an overused word at the best of time. But for this Milan team, time and time again that word has been resplendently usurped by rimmonto (revival). Yes, Milan, last year revived their European hopes, albeit in the most congruous of circumstances.

Take this year, eleven points in twelve games, crisi without rimmonto is looking like an inevitability. You, and I, are left pointing the finger, accusing the club and asking, where did it all go wrong? If you’re looking for a clear definitive answer, I’m sorry, you’re going to be left asking more questions than getting answers.

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Milan v Barcelona Post-Match Comments

Milan survived Barcelona on Tuesday night. I say survived, but some would point out that both sides had gold-edged opportunities to put bag the winner, but to be honest, neither side put forth a performance worthy of three points. A draw is the right result, and it’s to be expected in the umpteenth meeting of these two storied clubs in the 3rd year running of sharing a group pot.

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Milan v Napoli Post-Match Comments

“Other than the opening 10 minutes, it was the best game of the season for us.” – Max Allegri

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Ricardo Kaka – Filling the Gap

The prodigal son finally returns. Kaká’s arrival was confirmed in the morning of September 2nd, his transfer finally successful after attempts in each of the previous three transfer windows. This transfer has been praised and panned alike, and although it’s impossible to say how Kaká’s return leg will go at Milan, it is fairly certain that the two extreme points of view are inevitably wrong.

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