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Genoa v Milan Post-Match Comments

Disclaimer: I only saw the second half of Genoa v Milan. As such, I’d like to discuss one of Seedorf’s tactical ideas, and that’s the functionality of the front three midfielders: Taarabt, Kaka and Honda. Multiple competitions and limited fitness coupled with typical Milan injury policy have forced rotations, but it seems fairly clear that this is Seedorf’s preferred trio. The only regular break of those is Andrea Poli, who offers the side a more balanced look, and many of the better performances have not coincidentally included Poli in the midfield 5 in some role.

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Fiorentina v Milan Post-Match Comments

Of late, I’ve discussed less and less tactical matters and more context of Milan’s current situations. But seeing as how this is Milan’s first win over a top 6 side in the Seedorf era (and what ought to be the Seedorf era continuing through the summer), I’d like to explain the match itself before delving into the context.
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