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Ricardo Kaka – Filling the Gap

The prodigal son finally returns. Kaká’s arrival was confirmed in the morning of September 2nd, his transfer finally successful after attempts in each of the previous three transfer windows. This transfer has been praised and panned alike, and although it’s impossible to say how Kaká’s return leg will go at Milan, it is fairly certain that the two extreme points of view are inevitably wrong.

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Milan v Barcelona Post-Match Comments

Milan met Barcelona on Wednesday with the same formation that Barcelona have mastered, a 4-3-3. This was the Rossoneri’s most used formation throughout the season so far (not to mention their most successful) however, the formation required significant tweaking from manager Max Allegri, who was more than up to the task.

What was it that made Milan successful and Barcelona unsuccessful? Defense, really. Barcelona’s was sloppy and they made several individual errors at the back, whereas Milan were more organized than they’ve been at any other point under Allegri’s reign, and were clinical with their finishing.

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